Organic Black Malibar Peppercorns Adjustable Grinder

HimalaSalt's Organic Black Malibar Peppercorns are some of the finest grade of black pepper available. Organically grown and ethically harvested on the fabled Malabar Coast of India, they contain a high essential oil content and robust flavor.  A little goes a long way. Use in all dishes that call for black pepper and add zest, pungency, and earthiness to your meals. Comes in a Refillable/Adjustable Grinder, pairs perfectly with our 1 lb bag of Organic Peppercorn refill.

NOTE: This product is produced in a VEGAN facility. We do NOT handle animal foods, wheat, nuts, shellfish, allergens, or other cross contaminants.  We are a dedicated facility and produce only our products.

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