HimalaSalt: The Purest Salt on Earth™... Powered 100% by Onsite Solar

HimalaSalt-Sustainable Sourcing™ was born from Founder Melissa Kushi's determination to integrate her values and beliefs in sustainability, with her experience sourcing organic products from the world's most remote, deeply cultured regions. As a result, Melissa's mission to produce exquisitely pure, natural products without compromising the future has resulted in business as a force for change. HimalaSalt-Sustainable Sourcing™ offers a range of exquisitely pure and natural products sourced from the world's most remote and deeply cultured regions.

HimalaSalt is the only Himalayan Salt manufacturer that produces all products in-house, located in a facility that is 100% powered by onsite Solar.  We are Gluten-Allergen Free and use only Dr. Bronner's to clean our equipment. 

Having gone 100% onsite solar in 2012, we've generated over 400,000 Kwh of clean, renewable energy, and saved over 322,000 lbs of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

In our Vegan-Allergen Free Facility,  you can always be assured that we do not produce nor store wheat, nuts, shellfish, or any other allergens or cross contaminants in our dedicated facility HimalaSalt is produced in our stainless steel cleanroom, and we use only Dr. Bronner's organic soap and organic apple cider vinegar with hot water for washing our equipment. We only produce what we will feed our own children... we have very high quality standards for our children and yours.

We are mission driven.  Creating a culture of compassion, humanity, and sustainability inspires us, and we take pride in our products that support wellbeing, and provide added social value.


Good food is her business.  Melissa Kushi, Founder and President of HimalaSalt, a Woman-Owned Certified Company, has devoted much of her life’s work to sustainable foods and ethical business models. As a social entrepreneur she traveled the world - creating bamboo micro-industries in Africa; replacing coca crops in the jungles of Peru with organic colored cotton in hues of indigo, orange, green, brown and lavender; and introducing Japanese Hokkaido heirloom soybeans to the Organic Farmers of Michigan in an effort to stem GMO contamination in our food chain.

A farmer's daughter, Kushi was trained by the legendary pioneers of the Natural Foods Industry, and leaders of the international Macrobiotic movement, Michio and Aveline Kushi, her late father and mother-in-law. Studying in Japan, she learned the traditional arts of making miso and umeboshi, and traditional Japanese cooking - where she came to fully understand the value and importance of high quality salt for health and longevity.

Her journey as a successful natural foods cooking teacher, macrobiotic educator, international organic commodities specialist and mother - have brought her full circle - creating a culture of quality and meaning in both her company and life.  When not managing the day to day operations of HimalaSalt, Melissa can be found working on the farm, experimenting in the food lab, and teaching soil building and sustainable farming methods.