The Highest Value, The Greatest Good...

  • Our values, footprint, and low impact are creating significant environmental and economic benefit.
  • We are 100% Powered by Onsite Solar
  • We have produced over 400,000 kWh of clean energy
  • We will produce and save over 1,000,000 kWh over 20 years
  • We have kept thus far, over 322,000 lbs of CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere
  • Our organic farm and orchard sequesters over 16,000 lbs of carbon annually

Himalasalt is located on our organic farm in the Berkshire Mountains.  We are actively engaged in having the smallest footprint possible to do our part to help alleviate climate change.

Along with supporting all measures for a cooler planet, we believe food is at the root of all culture - and how it's grown, processed, and consumed can either nurture and support a healthy culture of compassion,sustainability, and an ethical food economy - or create the harms we are facing today. 

Our organic heirloom gardens provide free CSA Shares for our employees and give 5% of profits to Regenerative Agriculture, Youth Farming Initiatives, and Climate Change Education and Action.                                                    

We are passionate about change and restoring the beauty and biodiversity of our living earth.  We are proud sponsors of local organic farmers, of Willie Nelson's FarmAid, Greenagers, The Climate Collaborative, teens and young adults who are exploring sustainable farming, environmental leadership, and conservation as future community leaders, as well as hosting educational events on our campus.
our garden - with solar panels in the background