The Purest Salt on Earth
HimalaSalt, The Purest Salt on Earth™ was created 250 million years ago during a time of pristine environmental integrity.  HimalaSalt is sourced deep from within the remote Himalayas, and is a high quality, whole natural salt, free of impurities – unlike table salt or sea salt from today’s oceans.
The earth’s ancient ocean is reflected in our blood.  HimalaSalt restores this natural alkaline balance crucial to wellbeing. HimalaSalt’s essential minerals and trace elements are the ones our bodies are made of and precisely the ones we require for wellbeing. It’s light, clean flavor adds depth to your meals while providing a perfect mineral balance of iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and more. Unrefined, No Additives, All Natural.  Certified Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and many certified Organic. Ethically Sourced, Artisan Made. ™
When it comes to quality, we are unsurpassed. Food safety and transparency matter to us.  HimalaSalt is produced in our own VEGAN-ALLERGEN FREE FACILITY where we use Dr. Bronner's organic soap and organic apple cider vinegar with hot water to clean our equipment. powered 100% by onsite solar.

Our proprietary blend of 100% pure Himalayan Salt consists of only clear crystalline halite, together with hues of orange, pink, and rose create the perfect balance of flavor and minerals.  No Additives, No Processing. Vegan-Allergen Free.  Some believe that the 'redder the better' in terms of Himalayan salt color is the way to go.  That's simply not true.  The darker the salt crystals, the higher the iron content and the more bitter the flavor.  Our 100% pure Himalayan salt blend of superior grade crystals means a higher quality, better tasting salt.

HimalaSalt’ s Patent Pending method uses the strictest criteria in grading our salt. Many believe that the darker the salt, the better. That’s simply not so.  The higher the clarity, the higher the quality, unlike the opaque or darker grades of other Himalayan salts that are plentiful today. The clear diamond like crystals are the most sought for flavor and composition.


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