HimalaSalt Upcycles Himalayan Pallets
November 09, 2022

HimalaSalt Upcycles Himalayan Pallets

Our salt containers arrive from the Himalayas with pallets made of exotic hardwood scraps like teak, mahogany, cherry, and other beautiful species.  Not one to waste, and certainly one to appreciate natural beauty, we bought a bench-top planer and got to work!

After having created a snackbar surround in my kitchen and sliding barn doors to hide our whole-building water system, a tradeshow booth was the next natural step.

From design, planning, and execution, we built a beautiful booth in-house that garnered ooohs and aaahs and loads of love and recognition at Natural Products Expo West this past March - for our forward thinking innovation and re-use of materials.  Thanks to our team, especially lead builder Brian Ross (we love you Brian!)