Using your Shopping Cart as a Tool for Social Change
November 09, 2022

Using your Shopping Cart as a Tool for Social Change

A Shopping Cart for Social Change?
by Melissa Kushi

Are you aware of the immense power your wallet wields in the natural food store? Beyond the factors of wellbeing, taste and pleasure, do the products you buy resonate with your values, beliefs, and dreams for a better world?

Organically grown, fairly traded products have been the benchmark for quality and social justice. However, more companies and consumers alike are now realizing that there are, even with the best of intentions, significant and often unappreciated costs to the planet. For each bag, box, pouch or jar of food produced, consumed and disposed of, there is a huge footprint created in getting those products into your cart.

Why Become a Conscious Consumer

Having worked most of my life in sustainable foods, alternative health, and ethical business models, I’ve traveled to some of the world’s most remote and deeply cultured regions of the planet. Working with indigenous people, I was inspired by their wealth of ancient knowledge, biodiversity and traditional heirloom foods, and firmly believe them to be key to our collective future. I witnessed the devastating effects of adopting a modern refined diet and western consumer habits, and how it eroded their health, culture, and the rich biodiverse regions they inhabit.

Around the globe, I saw how consumer culture is one of the primary forces harming the planet. It became clear that — as the third world is seeking balance for survival; the first world is seeking balance for meaning. As a social entrepreneur, this is where I believe conscious consumers have the power to bridge the divide and create immense change in the world. But as one person, where do we begin?

From Inspiration into Action

Every time you buy products that are organically grown, fairly traded, and ethically produced in ways that do not compromise the future, you reduce the gap between economy and ecology, people and planet. You are also supporting and improving the lives of producers, helping to preserve their regional biodiversity and culture, and creating a more level economic playing field for some of the poorest people on the planet.
By choosing products that reflect the values of sustainability; preserving and restoring the beauty and abundance of our living earth – you are also supporting companies whose values, combined with those of your own, creating a powerful vehicle for market-based social change. And while this shift is viewed by some as unrealistic or blue-sky, a values-based economy is really the fastest way to reduce global warming, create social change, and promote wellbeing for humanity.

In fact, making conscious choices in the check-out line are some of the most fundamental, yet powerful actions you can take at the most basic, every day level. When you choose to make a change in the world through your food purchases, you are shaping the decisions made in boardrooms around the country.

At HimalaSalt, we believe in transparency, superior quality, and as a company - we hold dear our mission of making a better product while making a difference on the planet.  We combine science, ethics, social justice and environmental impact into our every action - and the result are clear - one grain, ten thousand grains... We can each make a difference. 

As you work hard to decipher labels, brands, truth from fiction, we are working hard to produce the highest possible quality, with the highest social value.  We'd love for you to invite us to dinner!